Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Right Day for the Castle?!

I woke up Tuesday morning and it was a glorious day.
I thought, "Today will be a great day to visit Haut-Koenigsburg castle after I spend the morning at the Selestat library!"
I have long wanted to visit Haut-Koenigsberg, but only this year has the bus system added it to its route.
I was on the train, halfway to Selestat, before I realized that Tuesday was the day that the Selestat library was CLOSED.
So I couldn't get any work done.
I decided to go to the castle, anyway.
It WAS a lovely day for the castle.
Unfortunately, hordes of other tourists thought so too.
It was very crowded, and taking pictures that don't feature backpacks or elbows was quite a challenge.
I did end up with some beautiful ones.
The view of the main living quarters:

A view of the lower courtyard, from the upper gun bastion:

From the upper garden, a view of one of the castle drawbridges:

The south wall of the main keep:

This castle, as you might gather, has been heavily restored in the early 20th century.
The detail of this south wall shows not only a Renaissance oriel window but next to it a long chute... that's the latrine chute, open at the bottom.
It must have made a nasty smelly mess on the rocks beneath.

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Sarah said...

What a beautiful view from the castle! Lovely green countryside. Happy happy!