Saturday, June 30, 2007

Early Medieval Outing

Last week the whole NEH group went to Jarrow and Wearmouth.
These were two monastery sites founded by Benedict Biscop in the 6th-7th century,
and Jarrow in particular was the home of the Venerable Bede, who wrote a history of the English church (very important for early medieval scholars.)
This is our group standing on the site of the former scriptorium where Bede wrote.
It was a Cold and Rainy day- this is one of the few moments when the rain was not torrential.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Charlotte in York

Kara, Valja (above) and I (above) all went to the Roman Baths Museum.

Afternoon tea at Betty's:
L side of the table: Robin, Valja, Shannon, Joel, Josie
R side of the table: Charlotte, Andrea, Judith (obscured) and Mickey

Thursday, June 21, 2007

British Food

My friend Kara and I went out for dinner at Betty's tearoom, a famous place in York.
She had prawn and avacado salad; I had Welsh rarebit (a glorified but delicious cheese on toast.)

My dessert was banana filled crepes a la mode and I got hot chocolate- like drinking liquid chocolate bar!

Their sweet counter is amazing.

No wonder this is one of the most popular places in York!1

Daily life in York

I start the day with a full English breakfast on campus (provided as part of the accommodation package.)
Campus is small, and apparently inhabited by musical residents (see below):

Daily errands include things like shopping at Boots, the ubiquitous and useful British pharmacy.

The city is full of interesting architecture, signs, and shop fronts (this one is visible on my daily walk to the center.)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

York views- part one

This is the view from my window, of an evening.
It gets light around 4 am and dark around 10 pm.
It rains a lot and is cool and cloudy.
Emily would LOVE it.
I have tons of more scenic photos of York and will post them when I get a chance to sort through some of them.

settling in York for 4 weeks

This is the "accommodation block" of St. John's University at York where we NEH folks are staying.
This is my hallway- my door is at the far end (left).

In typical British fashion, everyone on the floor (5 women, each with our own room) shares one loo.
We do have a small kitchen room/ ironing room and three showers.

My room has a washbasin and small wardrobe,
a desk, a soft bed and a night stand.
Unfortunately it does not have wi-fi but the Bedern hall where we meet daily for our courses does (hence the posting.)
A bit spartan, but clean and comfy.
I AM glad I thought to bring a nice scent of Bath & Body Works hand soap for my sink.
Hey, it's home until July 13!

Family Reunion- last but not least

Here we are!
I have tons more photos of the reunion-- the full spread of all 185 are available via snapfish.
But as I'm blogging from York, England, I shall now turn my attention from desert to a green and pleasant land.

Grandkids enjoy Dad's Birthday

Chocolate Ellie!

Chocolate Moose Edward!

Ethan, Thomas and Edward enjoy looking at Dad's Memory book present.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Grand Canyon lodge made TWO fantastic chocolate cakes for Dad.
Thanks, Dad, for treating us to lunch!

After birthday presents at the lodge,
we took a rim trip out to Cape Royal and Point Imperial
Hayden's Butte was gorgeous!

Kids in Camp

Grandma dotes on Camp Princess Ellie.

Ethan and Benjamin perch atop the Bedbug at Zion NP.

Hyrum's pushups get an extra workout with Edward on his back.

Jesse kindly carried Ellie out on the Grand Canyon Rim trips.

Wildlife Encounters

To our dismay (and the kids' fascination)- a Great Basin rattler made its way into our camp at Zion.
It was educational to hear what the rattle REALLY sounded like...
Dad chased it off for us.

A more enjoyable reptile was this lizard on the Angel's Landing trailhead- doing pushups!
At Grand, there were lots of ravens cawing out by Bright Angel Point.

Family Camp!

Zion Camp's wonderful view (above)
Emily enjoys what vestiges of Civilization can be had (below)

At Grand, kids play "Grandma May I"
Below: the hardy of our group hike Walter's Wiggles (part of the Angel's Landing trail)

Family Parks Scenery!

The view from the Angel's Landing Trail (at the Scout Point Lookout area)

Cape Royal in the evening

The Watchman (from the campground area)