Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spring Flowers for Emily

My sister Emily likes "pattern views" of things--
lots of leaves,
lots of blossoms,
and so on.
She also likes cloudy days.
These two views of an Orem cherry orchard taken earlier this week
are for her.

We love ducks

There's a great duck pond to the south of BYU campus
and we like to go there to feed the ducks.
This time of year there were ducklings!
Ducks and ducklings both are relatively tame and will come quite close.
Ethan was trying to coax the white duck to take food out of his hand, but the duck wouldn't quite nibble. Maybe if he used smaller pieces of bread the duck would have cooperated.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Enchanted April

This evening the light was perfect,
and as I drove past the fruit orchards,
I couldn't resist stopping to photograph my favorite mountain.
There were half a dozen other photographers outside,
and lots of people taking evening walks,
and sitting on their porches.
It was just a glorious evening to be alive.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ethan gets a painting lesson

This is something every young man should learn how to do.
It will make him very popular with his female relations.
(It was his first time trying to paint toenails--
he did pretty well!)

Did you know spider plants bloomed?

I never knew spider plants could bloom.
(Of course, usually I neglect plants to the point where they are lucky to survive at all-- that's why I switched to raising cactus, which are quite happy to be watered once a month.)
But this spider plant got itself a nice spot in the sun and I have actually been watering it more or less regularly.
The bloom is very tiny and very cute.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Snow 2

As long as the snow stays up on the mountains,
it's extremely pretty.
Hooray for the forsythia,
bravely blooming despite blustery blasts.

Spring Snow

The snow is pretty,
but after Easter it should warm up!!
I am glad that things aren't so far along that blossoms are freezing,
and it is kind of interesting to see the early green willows
with snow patches...
but I groan when I look out the window in April and see this kind of stuff.