Friday, March 30, 2012

More exotic flowers...

Birds of paradise
and calla lilies.
Sigh of happiness.
California spring is amazing!

Trumpet Tree

This tree is absolutely incredible.
I called it the 'trumpet tree' by default,
but I looked it up online
and I actually found it under this name...
and the Latin name of Brugmansia candida.

Palm trees!

These are my favorite kind of palm trees.
I will have to look up the species,
but they are thick and bushy
and have sections like pine cones beneath the leaves.


I love wisteria.
And I was fortunate enough to be visiting a very lovely mission church
in Santa Clara, California,
with a gorgeous garden full of wisteria in full bloom!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Post Color Festival

So our original plan was to go hike in Arches
after the color festival,
all brightly hued.
However, the traffic going in and out of the festival was so crazy,
we didn't make it down to Moab until nightfall.
So our day in Arches was post-shower
(by then, it was Sunday morning
and we had to be presentable for church first.)
Then we had a picnic
and a nice stroll out to North Window arch
before we had to drive home.

Some More Colorful Views

Color clouds go poof!
and are our faces ever bright!

Color Madness

We went to the Springville India color festival this weekend...
along with 80,000 other people.
You can see the clean, non-color folks heading in...
and us powdery folks bright with spring color heading out.

The point is to throw color on one another.
Here my niece and nephew practice flinging:

Jolly color trio:

And one of me at the Krishna temple.