Sunday, February 24, 2008


Crocodile tracks in the snow...

... and old snowmobile tracks around the cabin basin

Winter cabin

It was certainly beautiful up at the cabin and very peaceful.

Campout Pancakes

I went camping with the OAC up Fairview canyon this weekend.
The club made breakfast: bacon and pancakes.
One batch of the pancakes was made with mashed banana chunks and chocolate chips.
It was surprisingly delicious!

Mortimer's Bath

Mortimer usually hates the water, but sometimes when he is sleeping in his cage I can scoop him up and put him in a warmed bath without protest.

Isn't it amazing how snakes can coil up like that?
I am endlessly fascinated by the way he moves.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Infernal Thesis Statement

Garage and House

A couple of weekends ago, Emily and I cleaned out my garage.
I bought an extra shelving unit from Lowe's and tidied everything up.
It's very satisfying to accomplish a major cleaning and organizing job like that!

With all the snow lately, there's a huge pile of plowed snow at the end of my road (which is a branch dead-ending in a fire gate). The neighborhood kids have discovered it and use it as a sledding hill/ snow fort, which is fine except when their shrieks wake me up before 9 am on a weekend morning.