Friday, April 17, 2009

Storm Results

Okay, so a parking lot is not the most 'scenic' of spots,
but it is one of the places around town that has the most blossoming trees.
There just aren't that many quaint orchards in the area anymore
(and anyway the orchards are all behind the curve with the blossoms).
But the weight of the snow did some serious damage,
and broke off a lot of tree branches:

Poor trees!

Season Contrasts

Snow Surprise

After a day or two of lovely spring,
I woke up to THIS:

It snowed all day, and the next morning it looked like this:

My poor daffodils!
And my poor forsythia!

The snow on the blossoms was actually quite lovely, though.
As a consolation prize,
I got to go around and take lots of snowy-blossom pictures.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Blossoms

Hooray, it's FINALLY spring!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sophie the food critic

Does Sophie like her quesadilla?
Yes, I think she does!

Stormy Sunset Timp

Though the weekend weather was not very pleasant,
the evening light on the mountains was really lovely.
This is more of Camera A's zoom capability!

Zoom Comparisons

On this weekend's visit to the Madeleine cathedral,
I took Camera A and Camera B.
I didn't have time for an in-depth tripod test,
but hand held and the stained glass showed some useful comparisons.
Above is Camera A and the north transept glass,
zoomed in to its maximum,
and then zoomed out- not quite to its full extent-
but enough to fill the frame with the window.

Camera B, below, does just fine and dandy with the overall view
(again, it too can zoom out wider than the whole window)
but the range of its closeup zoom is much more limited,
as you can see from the photo directly below.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More comparisons

The top two were taken with Camera A.
The bottom one was taken with Camera B.

Again, I see a slight blur on the 'foreward' blossoms
in Camera B's version (bottom photo)
and less blurring of the background than in Camera A.
I think Camera A wins the 'best closeup' in my book.
Now I have to try out A vs. B with some buildings,
and people, and landscapes,
and other scenes,
before I decide which one I will keep.
(I do have to say I like B's battery system better than A's... sigh.)


I am trying to decide between two cameras.
Camera A took the upper picture.
Camera B took the lower picture.
I am more used to Camera B's system,
but A, it seems to me, works better with close-ups,
in keeping the object fully in focus
and blurring the background
(as opposed to Camera B,
which will do a closeup of a leaf or flower,
but often with such a shallow depth of field
that part of said leaf or flower is not fully focused.)

For instance, see how the bottom photo has a center leaf
that projected forward and therefore is blurred,
because it protruded out of the realm of the camera focus.
The top photo is further away, true, but it doesn't appear to have that problem.

April Fool's Day Weather

Luckily, it's melting off now.