Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Zoom Comparisons

On this weekend's visit to the Madeleine cathedral,
I took Camera A and Camera B.
I didn't have time for an in-depth tripod test,
but hand held and the stained glass showed some useful comparisons.
Above is Camera A and the north transept glass,
zoomed in to its maximum,
and then zoomed out- not quite to its full extent-
but enough to fill the frame with the window.

Camera B, below, does just fine and dandy with the overall view
(again, it too can zoom out wider than the whole window)
but the range of its closeup zoom is much more limited,
as you can see from the photo directly below.


scraps said...

It does seem in these comparisons that camera A is better. I can see the colors better, for my eye sight anyways.
How is that contest going, so you can travel to the different parks?

Dr. Croc said...

I didn't win the contest. The top contestants were all people who wanted to do Very Noble Things like find a cure for diabetes and so on. Ah well. Thanks for voting for me!