Monday, August 23, 2010

A Four-Year Old's Idea of Putting Things Away

My niece and nephew came over for an evening swim
in my condo pool.
Then they played with my toy collection
while we waited for their mom to pick them up.
I asked my niece to please put the blocks away before she left.
She is often very good at this, and the IKEA design for the block wagon helpfully outlines how all the blocks can fit in the space.
However, this is what I found in the living room when I went in...
It's quite artistic, actually.

The Hike to Timp Cave

Timp Cave is a bit of a hike.
Thank goodness for the numerous benches on the trail
(although getting Ethan off the benches and up the trail was sometimes a chore,
or rather, down the trail,
as he was pretty good about going up
but complained his feet hurt, going down.)

There are some gorgeous views on that trail, though.

This is the view both up and down of the trail on the last quarter or so of the 1.5 mile hike.
In the top photo you can see the shelter over the cave entrance,
in the bottom, how steep the switchbacks are.

Timpanogos Cave

There are all sorts of cool formations in Timp cave.
Soda straws, stalactites, pools of water...

Of course the famous "heart of Timpanogos" is also pretty keen:

Here's the natural entrance to Hansen's cave
(one of the 3 caves now linked on the tour):

I was surprised how well my non-flash pictures turned out.