Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My Favorite Sea Creatures

Yeah, I liked visiting the aquarium,
but my favorite thing about sea creatures in Boston
was EATING some at Legal Sea Foods.
I adore this restaurant.
Their clam chowder is wonderful.
And I splurged one night and got myself a stuffed baked lobster:

If peeling the shells of these crustaceans is too much bother,
there is also the option of a lobster roll
(which I had at another meal!)
They put a lot of real lobster meat on the roll for you.


The fur seals were also fun to watch.
They loved to play.

A couple of times they would heave themselves out of the water
on to the plank walk.

Their flippers are like extremely long, alien fingers.


The penguins were easier to photograph.
The light was a little better,
and once their sprinkler system started up,
they stood in their 'shower' nice and still,
so I could balance my camera on a railing for a long exposure
(no tripods).
But I got some good views:

Here's the 'shower group' all enjoying themselves.

More than sharks

The giant shark tank has more than sharks.
It has divers who have to go into it and clean it by hand.
I love this picture (fuzzy and impressionistic as it is),
that shows one such diver and a curious child.

Also, the tank contains lots of fishes and creatures,
like this moray eel:

And this rather funky-looking swimming turtle:

At the bottom of the tank (visible from a winding ramp
that twines around the entire tank)
I watched the Great Turtle nose about in the sand for food.
What do sea turtles eat, anyway?
This one must find some pretty tasty things
because it is an absolutely enormous reptile.

Sharks in Boston

I got to go to the New England aquarium briefly during a visit to Boston over the last week.
My camera and I had fun,
especially at the huge shark tank.
The sharks swim very slowly,
and you get a good chance to see teeth, eyes, and those scary fins...

Nose to nose with a shark.

This last one I used a flash to capture the shark head.
(Check out those teeth!)
The sharks at the Boston aquarium are large-ish,
that is to say, about the size of a person.
I personally would not want to tangle with one
but they are not the human-eating variety
(otherwise the turn-over in tank-cleaning-divers would be much higher.)