Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ethan at his grandparents' house

Ethan doesn't want his picture taken...
But then he comes out to watch Grandma quilt, and to be more sociable.

Occupying the windowsill of the downstairs Canyon Room are some of Ethan's favorite toys, while he is in residence.

Coloring Eggs

Ethan, Dave, Mom and I colored eggs on Saturday night.

A Very Cheerful Vampire

Sophie has very long canine teeth.
When she does smile (which I finally coaxed her to do for the camera) she looks like a very cheerful little vampire.

Emily's Easter Spirit

Egg Hunt at Bear Lake

I have always loved Mom and Dad's method of hiding eggs.
Here's Sophie looking for an egg:

Found it! Now it goes in the basket.

Ethan meanwhile has discovered where the Peeps have been put.

Upon the end of the hunt, when set on the hearth to be photographed, Sophie promptly opened up one of her plastic eggs (we had both real and plastic) and proceeded to eat the "nacky" (candy) inside.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Easter Eggs

Easter Tree

I put up my Easter Tree yesterday.
I bought the decorated eggs in Prague, in 2005.
They make me happy!

Clever Mortimer

Look, Mortimer shed this morning!
All in one piece (or nearly.)
This is a Healthy sign.
A healthy snake is a happy snake!

Family meals

It is nice to eat with family!
I eat a lot of meals alone or on the run, so St. Patrick's Day dinner was a treat socially as well as gastronomically. Mom fixed it, so it was good!
The only real contribution I made was the sugar free green jello with pears.

Mom and Dad stayed over at my house and then had breakfast before heading back up to SLC and, finally, Bear Lake.
Mom made muffins, yummy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Windy morning camp

We camped on BLM land north of Arches NP.
It was a windy night and morning, and chilly.
Our fire was particularly welcome.

Me and the OAC

Our group picture at Surprise Arch, within the Fiery Furnace area

Our group picture at the overlook area of Fiery Furnace, before we hit the trail

Not so Fiery Furnace

Anticipating pleasant spring weather, I planned a trip for the OAC down at Arches Fiery Furnace.
It was windy and chilly; not bitterly cold but not as pleasant as we'd hoped.
Nevertheless, I had a good time.
Fiery Furnace requires traversing some skinny passages and along some moderate bouldering spots. It was just about the limit of what I was comfortable with (the students, of course, handled it all with ease.)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Salt Lake's Cathedral of the Madeleine

I have been meaning to photograph the Madeleine cathedral properly, for years.
(Properly = with a tripod.)
In fact I think I did do some photos, once, with my conventional film camera-- years ago.
I find it is sometimes very hard to do local things.
It's easier to make time to do things on vacation, when the window of opportunity is short, but focused on extraordinary events.
Anyway, what finally got me up to the Madeleine was putting it on my syllabus for my Gothic Revival class.
Now I am teaching it, I need some decent photographs.
So, with a little help from photoshop and, of course, the tripod, I got some helpful details.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Blast from the past: Timp in Fall 1991

I've been working on a project, scanning old photos for online albums.
I was a sophomore (I think) in Fall 1991 and I remember at the time I was dissatisfied with these pictures.
I thought my teeth stuck out too much.
Holy cow! What wouldn't I give to be as thin now as I was back then- never mind the teeth!!
Incidentally, if you don't recognize the trail, it is the Timpooneke trail; the overlook picture is taken at the Shelf.