Tuesday, June 19, 2007

settling in York for 4 weeks

This is the "accommodation block" of St. John's University at York where we NEH folks are staying.
This is my hallway- my door is at the far end (left).

In typical British fashion, everyone on the floor (5 women, each with our own room) shares one loo.
We do have a small kitchen room/ ironing room and three showers.

My room has a washbasin and small wardrobe,
a desk, a soft bed and a night stand.
Unfortunately it does not have wi-fi but the Bedern hall where we meet daily for our courses does (hence the posting.)
A bit spartan, but clean and comfy.
I AM glad I thought to bring a nice scent of Bath & Body Works hand soap for my sink.
Hey, it's home until July 13!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for posting pics of your digs. Makes me happy you can still blog!