Monday, July 30, 2007

Backstage visit to Strasbourg Cathedral

I got permission to go to behind the chapels of Strabourg cathedral.

I was primarily interested in this little courtyard, which has the funerary inscription of Erwin von Steinbach, the celebrated architect of the fourteenth century.

However, the visit continued! Since I was there on site, the mason in charge offered to take me up the construction elevator, to the reconstruction work on the crossing cupola. I was thrilled.

The views were wonderful.


Sarah said...

Why is the courtyard all green?

Dr. Croc said...

The courtyard is full of moss, that is why it's green.
Incidentally, I didn't record the most amusing part of this trip. I was wearing a full, long, floaty skirt, and even though the freight elevator brought us up near the top, we still had to go up and down several construction ladders within the scaffolding frame. You can just imagine how fun that was, gingerly stepping up and down those ladders in that skirt- and hoping that the folks with me didn't get an eyeful of my knickers. (If they did, serve them right.)
Anyway, skirt or no, I wouldn't have missed it!