Saturday, July 28, 2007

Beautiful Light... Photo Lessons

I came back from a day trip to Colmar, after a rain storm, to find absolutely beautiful evening light in Strasbourg.
Also, there was a street fair that had been going on all day that blocked up the major routes, and I wanted to avoid it, so I headed off for my favorite photo spot.

Of course, once I got to the Vauban embankment, the sun had clouded over again and I had to wait half an hour for the light to shine out as I wanted.
And then I got careless.
I was so enthralled with the light, and impatient during my wait, I forgot to frame properly and adjust the focus as I prefer.
So, though this is a gorgeous photo, it doesn't meet poster-size enlargement standards, which is what I try to uphold. (You won't see the slightly soft focus on the cathedral spire until it gets to be 10x12 or thereabouts.)
Also, I wish I had framed it just a little differently, and had raised the horizon and gotten in all of the tower reflections.
It's little goofs like this that really separate me from the professionals.

But THIS frame of the cathedral made up for it!
This makes me very happy!

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Sarah said...

Excellent shot of the cathedral! Clever, clever Crocodile!