Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Evening in Strasbourg

After a day at the archives, I went for an evening stroll.
I wandered through the picturesque half-timber houses and canals of the Petite France area...

... and I went out to the Vauban embankment (a 16th century fortification installment that today has been converted into a viewing platform, looking east toward the cathedral and the so-called Ponts Couverts, no longer covered, but still retaining the name.

I had a yummy salad and refreshing NON alcoholic (see the label) mild grain beverage at a waterside cafe....

... and I finished up with a double scoop of ice cream at Franchi, the best ice cream maker in Strasbourg.

Guess what flavors?
You will NEVER guess.
The orange is passionfruit, of which I am passionately fond and have every chance I get.
The purple is VIOLET.
Yes, as in flowers!
It was actually quite tasty.

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