Saturday, July 28, 2007

Daytrip to Colmar

I went to Colmar to see this manuscript fragment.
(Yes, it's upside down in relation to the rest of the book.)
Though fragmentary, it told me some very interesting things in relation to the other manuscripts I have been studying.

Because I was only dealing with a fragment, I had the rest of the day off.
So I went to the Musee d'Unterlinden to see my favorite painting:

I went out for lunch and had a Flammenkeuche (sort of a pizza: a thin crust smeared with creme fraiche, bacon and sauteed onions- and in this case, also Gruyere cheese- and baked in a wood fired oven.)

Then I strolled around the town and admired the architecture.
Colmar is very picturesque, with lots of half timber houses.
This street is the petite rue des Tanneurs.


Sarah said...

Gee, you went to see the Isenheim Altarpiece again? I'm so shocked!

It looks like you have too much Flammenkeuche. You need to share some with me.

I love Colmar. I sure would love to be over there with you!

Dr. Croc said...

Yes, this is the fifth time I've seen the Issenheim altarpiece. I've seen it for the last four years in a row, and then once previously in 1998 when we visited together.
I would love to have you with me!