Friday, July 20, 2007

A night at the cathedral

Amiens cathedral is beautiful in the light...
... but at night it becomes truly magical.

The city's light show simulates the original polychromy of the middle ages.
It is quite convincing, up to fairly close viewing.

And, Sarah, in order to take these pictures I stood on the same dentist's doorstep that we sat on 9 years ago when we visited Amiens (and you were bored and jetlagged while I photographed the west front!!)


Sarah said...

Didn't we see a wedding party coming out of Amiens? (Was it the one with the black and white checkered floor?)

Dr. Croc said...

Yes indeed we did see a wedding there.
They moved the chairs, so you can see the black and white floor designs more closely (including the reproduction labyrinth pattern on it.)

The Marches Hatter said...

I am interested in the photo of Amiens Cathedral (polychromy).

Would you kindly e-mail me about the possibility of using it in a book?