Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Post Reunion Vacationing

We went to Bryce after the reunion, and they miraculously had space in the Sunset campground.
I persuaded Mom and Dad to go on a short hike,
down part of the Queen's Garden trail,
starting at Sunrise Point.
This is Sunrise Point, with Barney Top in the distance.

Although Bryce is an East-facing park, evening (before the shadows get too long) is still very beautiful for photographing there.

On the way home we also drove through Cedar Breaks,
so Mom could get her passport Stamp there.
It was mid day- I'd like to go back during good light
(that would be evening: Cedar Breaks faces West,
and is the other end of the colorful hoodoo-filled plateau that forms Bryce on the other end.)

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