Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Camping with Mom and Dad

Near Kanab, we also went camping.
(Sequentially, this is before the reunion.)
We found a great State Park: Coral Pink Sand Dunes.
It's just a few miles from the Arizona border.
And is it ever neat!

Though the pristine scenery is somewhat marred by dune riders on golf-cart looking vehicles, they aren't allowed out between 10 pm and 9 am.
The dunes are best in the evening (above), but we had a lovely walk in the morning with some interesting views.

Lots of blooming yucca, and yellow wildflowers (as yet unidentified.)

And in the morning, the dunes were covered all over with strange little tracks!
Insects, probably.
We saw one (very small) tarantula actually making lacy pretty tracks (rather different from these).
And NO, I did not photograph it.
Are you kidding??!


Sarah said...

I love your photos of the dunes and I'm mad at you for not photographing the tarantula!

Dr. Croc said...

It was only a baby one, about the size of a quarter (including the legs.)
They don't freak me out as much in the wild (if I had seen the same thing in the house I'd have been standing on a chair, wailing for someone to take it AWAYYY...) but I still didn't want to get close enough to photograph it.
YOU can visit Coral Pink Sand Dunes and look for your OWN arachnids.