Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Backstage tour of the Tabernacle on Temple Square

On Tuesday May 29th, a special backstage tour of the Tabernacle was held for family history employees and their families.
So I went with Emily.
It was quite interesting, getting to go down into the (very extensive) basement regions with the recording studios and the practice rooms and the wardrobe areas.
Here's Emily in one of the practice rooms (she used to attend rehearsals there when she was in Mormon Youth choir, I believe.)

Emily also insisted I take pictures of (nearly) Everything.
Here is the First Presidency's room.

A general view of the backstage:

The tour was followed up by a short devotional, for which Emily gave the prayer.
I took this Right Before she started the prayer (not during, thank you, in case you were wondering just how irreverent I was being.)

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