Thursday, May 10, 2007

Adventures in Southern BBQ

I really enjoy barbecue, so visiting in the South, I thought it would be easy to find and always good.
My first experience with Southern BBQ this trip was in Tupelo, Mississippi.
Birthplace of Elvis. (Museums to him everywhere.)
I went to Johnny's drive-in, where "Elvis used to eat."
I don't think the food has changed much since Elvis' day.
And I feel sorry for Elvis.
The BBQ (pulled pork) wasn't bad, but there was no BBQ sauce- only KETCHUP, if you can believe that.
And the sides were abominable. The most edible of them was the wonderbread toast slices!
I was mighty disappointed.

My next BBQ attempt was at a roadside stand just past Shiloh, Tennessee.
The BBQ wasn't bad and the sauce was ok (but there wasn't much of it.) The cole slaw was inedible and the bun boring and flabby. The baked beans were Van Kamp's pork & beans, which I like from childhood, but hardly High Cuisine.

This is the BBQ plate from the Bell Buckle Cafe in Bell Buckle, Tennessee.
This was GOOD barbecue and Real Southern Food.
Not only was the pulled pork excellent and the sauce (served on the side) plentiful,
the dish came with a corn cake (looks like a pancake, on top)
AND I got three decent sides.
They had a very long list of sides.
I did not want the okra, but I was happy to try the greens (turnip tops.)
Not bad.
They eat them with vinegar rather than lemon. I think I prefer lemon.
The mac & cheese (only in the South is mac & cheese a vegetable!) was homemade. It wasn't the best, but it was tolerable.
The boiled new potatoes were very good.
Many thanks to Jill and Ronn who knew where to go for good barbecue!

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