Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A Great Conference

Okay, so my recent roamings 'round the East/South/Midwest/Southwest states have been mostly for pleasure.
But they also served to get me out to the Kalamazoo Medieval Conference.
It was a terrific conference: great papers to listen to, a chance to connect with friends and colleagues, a chance to present my own paper and get feedback, and of course, the wonderful Book Fair.
Every evening was crammed with things to do and people to visit.
Here is our group who went out to dinner on Thursday night of the conference, for very good Indian food.
Left to Right:
Paul Bruhn, Dr. Heather McCune Bruhn, ME, Dr. M. Wendy Hennequin, Dr. Kara Morrow.
Paul and Heather I know from Penn State days.
Wendy is an old friend from UConn, now in Nashville, TN.
Kara is a new friend who will be participating with me in the York NEH program.

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