Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Lone Star in South SLC

Mom and Dad have been HOLDING OUT on us.
They've known about this great place for years!
It's the Lone Star Taqueria on Fort Union Blvd in south SLC.
(Approximately 2200 East and 7000 South.)
It's delightfully tacky with the decor.

We got there at 11 am, and it was already beginning to have a stream of customers.

The house specialty is the fresh fish taco.
The fish variety depends on the day.
That day it was tilapia.
They grill or fry the fish, but do not bread it.
And they serve it with two soft homemade corn tortillas,
and fresh cabbage and tomatoes, a wedge of lime,
and a perfectly yummy jalapeno mayonnaise sauce.
All for $2.75!
You have GOT to try these!

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