Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wading at Bridal Veil Falls

As part 2 of our Grand Day Out,
Emily & I took the kids to Dairy Queen,
and then we drove to Nunn's Park up Provo Canyon,
and walked up to Bridal Veil Falls,
and went wading.
Well, Ethan and I waded.
Emily's sandals were giving her a blister,
and Sophie was doing the usual 3 year old thing
of bouncing all her energy in every direction except forward,
so Emily stayed up near the park entrance
while Ethan and I went up to the falls.
The water was pretty darn cold,
but the hardest part about wading
was that the rocks were very sharp,
and I have feet like the Princess and the Pea,
so I didn't go very far.
But Ethan posed on a rock for me.

It is a gorgeous spot and I haven't been up there for ages.
We need to go again!
(And next time I will wear sandals I can wade in!)

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