Saturday, August 29, 2009

Snakes as Bookmarks

Hey, Lady Mortimer, Ethan can't read his Greek myths!
(Ethan is really into Greek myths,
courtesy of the Rick Riordan books,
which we all think are GREAT.)

Sophie seems less perturbed that "A Child's Garden of Verses"
now contains a snake.

But when Lady Mortimer comes slithering up taking Sophie by surprise,
she does get a bit nervous:

We had a great time playing with Lady Mortimer today.
The kids really enjoyed it.
She was very mellow about being handled,
but all the noise and excitement frazzled her a bit--
she didn't want to eat.
Now I have four noisy mice in my back bedroom,
waiting for Lady Mortimer's system to calm down
until she can fancy her dinner again.

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