Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fantastic Food

There are some great restaurants in Austin,
and my sister & brother & I have been enjoying the culinary scene.
Above is room service at the Hilton-
with the most amazing cheese steak sandwich I have EVER had
(even in Philadelphia)
and also delicious pasta and chicken.

We also went to the Cheesecake Factory.
Now the real reason to go there is the desserts,
but the food is also pretty good:

There's PF Chang's, which we all love:

And then there is Pappadeaux,
which is a Cajun-style seafood chain
(I think of it as a southern version of Legal Sea Foods,
our Boston favorite).
I had the crawfish platter, fried crawfish
and crawfish etouffe and dirty rice.
I had never had crawfish before.
They are extremely tasty chewy little things.

The funny thing is that these are all chain restaurants,
and normally I have a lower opinion of chains,
but these aren't your average Golden Corral type places.
Today, though, we are going to seek out a local BBQ place.

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