Saturday, August 15, 2009

Austin the Armadillo

This is Austin the Armadillo.
Here he is relaxing on my bed at the Hilton.
I got him at ToyJoy (which I will blog about later),
and though I realize he is a bit fuzzy for an armadillo,
he is awfully cute.
(I like armadillos a lot.
They are fascinating creatures.)

Anyway, I took Austin with me down to San Antonio.
I had wanted to go on a longer tourist tour to see more of Texas,
but I don't enjoy solo driving much,
and Texas is so very big.
San Antonio, however, is only an hour away from Austin (the city).

I had a great time, despite the 104 degree heat.
Here I am with Austin at Mission San Jose:

And here we are at the ALAMO:

Perhaps the fellow tourists who kindly agreed to take our picture thought I was nuts for wanting my stuffed armadillo in the photo with me.
Do I care? No.
Having Austin with me made me happy and helped me to have a good day.

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