Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sightseeing in 104 Degrees

I really like mission churches,
and San Antonio Missions NHP has some good ones.
Good enough to trudge around even in incredible heat
(the car-monitored thermometer reached 104 degrees by mid afternoon).
I had a great time,
and I'm still having a great time in Austin,
just an hour's drive to the north,
but it's much better now that rain has cooled it down,
to about the low eighties.
I have more adventures to write about on this trip
(keeping my sister company;
she's at a conference and I got a plane ticket with my miles
so that I could come along)
but I'm really, really tired right now,
so I will write more later.


Laney said...

So close! Don't you feel like driving another three hours to come visit us? ;) Have fun!

scraps said...

I love it when you go traveling, as I can see all the lovely sites and you in the pictures!

scraps said...

Forgot to mention, as a child, my parents made sure we visited all the missions in California. I am glad we are able to blog now, as all the pictures my father took were 35mm slides and have been destroyed by a leaky roof. Trips and vacations help life move along, beautiful pictures!