Saturday, August 15, 2009

Austin's Bats

Austin is famous for a bat colony
that lives under the Ann Richards bridge,
not too far from the hotel.
But we kept forgetting to go there,
or being busy,
or tired.
So Emily bought some bats at ToyJoy.
They are very cute bats,
with suction cup attachments.
Also, after Emily and I had taken a long, luxurious nap
on Saturday,
we woke at dusk and saw shapes swooping outside the hotel room window.
(We are on the 26th floor.)
At first I thought they might be swallows,
skittering past the sunset clouds,
but they were the wrong shape
and they were fluttering differently than swallows.
So we knew they were bats!
We were so happy!
We sat with ice water by the window
and enjoyed watching them for a few minutes.

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