Saturday, December 8, 2007

Next-To-Last Stamp Site in California

I camped Wednesday night at Pinnacles NM.
As I drove in that evening, the light through the late autumn oaks was glorious.

The night was cold but not bitter, and I kept warm enough.
However, it was not as restful as I would have liked.
Lots of owls (interesting enough, but noisy) and coyotes (ditto) and various creatures bounding through the underbrush, probably rabbits, kept me awake long into the night and woke me promptly at the first predawn stirrings, too.
I gave up on sleep and got up and made myself some oatmeal over my camp stove.

Then I went for a little hike to see the Pinnacles part of the area.
Pinnacles is part of an ancient volcano and it does have some great rock formations.
These were visible along Condor Gulch.

NOW, all I have to do is get the Devil's Postpile stamp from the east central California area (open only in summers, alas, or I would have considered trying for it this trip!) and I will have ALL of the mainland western area region stamps listed in my passport book!

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