Saturday, December 8, 2007

Last View of the Bay Area

I left Aunt Elaine and Uncle Reed on Wednesday a little before noon, and drove across the bay to Richmond to collect the Rosie the Riveter NM stamp.
It is a new memorial and I found it quite disappointing.
The weather was nice, and the Richmond marina very attractive:

But the memorial itself was quite small, a sort of abstract sculpture designed to look like ship's prows.
The nearby placque said that the memorial was a grass-roots production.
In other words, some local special-interest group had lobbied to get their local park sculpture turned into a national memorial site.
Several of the most recent historical memorials I've seen seem to be like this, especially the WWII- related ones (Manzanar, Minidoka.)
Maybe it is partly the fact that they are so new, but I find it hard to treat these as seriously as a site like George Rogers Clark NM, for example, where there's something to SEE.

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