Sunday, December 30, 2007

Isleta Pueblo Mission Church

Pamela and I caravaned up to Utah together.
Grif and Eme rode with me for the first few hours, and we made our first stop at Isleta Pueblo (my request.)
I LOVE mission churches and this one, dedicated to St. Augustine, has stood since 1716 (though it's been remodeled and repaired, this is the original building.)
We found the church by spotting the bell towers (most distinctive) at a distance and driving toward it "by feel".
The plaza was very crowded with cars and people and as we pulled up we could see that the interior plaza of the church (surrounded by a whitewashed adobe wall) was the setting for some tribal dances.
As we pulled up they were just approaching a break in the program and so I was able to ask if the church was open, and was told yes, it's fine to go in.
Eme and Grif seemed to enjoy the interior of the church, too.
I especially liked all of the American Indian saints and the Christmas decorations.
While we were inside we heard more drums and music but I didn't want to open the door which might have disturbed the proceedings. Then they stopped and we came out to a clearing plaza with people beginning to pick up the chairs.
So we actually didn't get to SEE the tribal dances, but in a way it all worked out perfectly because I couldn't have photographed the church exterior when the dances were going on.

Talking on a cell phone (like photos) is not polite when it annoys other people, but we were out of sight/hearing of the public arena when Griffin called Pamela to figure out where to rendezvous, since we didn't see her at the church plaza. She had Marble with her and a Great Dane is perhaps not the best addition to a large crowd like that.
Anyway I really liked this picture... such a teenagerish pose!

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