Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Presents!

What fun to unwrap presents Christmas morning!Charles and Jennifer with their presents, including the game Risk, scarves knit by Jennifer's sister Cheryl, some great "cutility" kitchen tools from Emily, and books and CDs and the earrings and shirt I brought them from Greece.

My presents included a Day of the Dead book (from Charles & Jen) and Day of the Dead magnets (from Ted), a Tolkien book and a Steve Irwin crocodile set (also from Ted & family), a 3D puzzle of Neuchwanstein castle from my friend Heather, a KNIFE from Uncle Glen which he made himself!, and a wonderful stuffed crocodile which I named Caligula, from Emily.
"Caligula" is of course the name of one of the less pleasant Roman emperors (I was thinking of Madame Medusa's Brutus and Nero) but also the name means, literally, "little boots."
He's a very darling Ikea crocodile!

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