Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Views of Venice

Venice was overcast and I saw the sun for maybe five minutes,
but that was just as I was crossing the Accademia bridge and happened to look out on a Very Romantic Venetian Scene of gondolas.
I did not ride in a gondola (boring, by myself!) but I had a great deal of fun, despite the gloomy weather.
My main reason to go there was to traverse miles of museum corridors and to select pictures and concepts to use in my study abroad program next year.
But I also took some time in the museum cafes to have hot chocolate, key in my notes in my iPhone, and read bits of Mark Twain's acerbic comments about the said miles of museum corridors.
I also went out walking a lot, and saw a lot of wonderful things.

For instance, a few streets away from a Major Church of Great Importance
I happened on this ingenious street musician,
who was playing water glasses.
The piece was from Vivaldi's Four Seasons,
and he played it quite well, the applause of a small audience.
I gave him a Euro.
I like street musicians.

I also sought out what is probably my favorite monument in Venice:
the Tetrarchs.
I love these four caesars, for some reason.
A kind passing British tourist took this photo for me.
There were a lot of tourists in Venice, despite the late season and rotten weather.

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