Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cooking Class Lunch

For today's lunch I joined the cooking class.
State of the art kitchen,
a chef in charge,
and we got to eat what was made.
It was a four course meal.
First there were appetizers (which we ate on the spot and I didn't get a photo)
of toasted bread topped with a soft gorgonzola/ ricotta spread and spiced pears (!)
and then there was this soup.
I've forgotten the name of it but it was a wonderful hearty bean and vegetable soup
(not minnestrone-- it had a different name,
and it featured "black cabbage", rather like American kale).

Then we had ossa bucco fiorentino,
veal slices cooked in an amazing tomato sauce:

Dessert was simple:
a kind of cookie flavored with anise and walnuts and candied citron.

I am REALLY looking forward to next year when I can join the cooking class full time!

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