Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meals in Venice

Hot chocolate in Italy is amazing.
It's made with milk, not the water-and-powder variety that passes for cocoa in America.
I had a couple of hot chocolates in museum cafes,
while I was trying to rest my feet and absorb things in my brain.
They were mighty expensive, of course.
(4 Euro-- that's about $6-- a cup.)
I also had lunch both days in a museum cafe
(it was just easiest, seeing as I was there)
and here is what I had at the Doge's Palace museum:
octopus salad!
(It was very tender and delicious.)

Then there were all sorts of shops selling sweets and cakes
(like this one):

Plus quick pizza and sandwich places
(some of them pretty good):

Food is expensive in Venice, though.
The standard rate for bottled water is 1.5 Euro per half liter.
(I think the wine is cheaper!)
Drinking at least a liter of water a day begins to add up
(and there aren't lots of nice free fountains like there are in Siena, alas).

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