Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pink Cobras and Little Glass Fruits

You can find all sorts of weird glass knicknacks in Venice.
I was on the hunt for glass frogs,
as Ethan had asked me to buy him a glass frog.
I found one, almost as nice as the ones in the photo here,
but for a MUCH less horrifying price.
These photos were taken from the shops around the Piazza San Marco,
where the prices go up to about triple what they ask over at, say, the Ponte Rialto area.
However, I do have to say that the stuff at the Piazza San Marco area is of the highest quality and other areas the quality, like the prices, are much more mixed.
One has to shop carefully.
Anyway, about the weird things for sale.
Who on earth would buy a pink and white glass cobra???
(Well, considering some of the things *I* bought,
maybe it's not so outlandish...)

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