Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Favorite Thing About Venice (True Confessions)

Venice is a shoppers' paradise.
I love to shop for souvenirs,
and I have always had a weakness for glass jewelry,
and for Venetian-style masks,
and table cloths,
and, and, and...
So I bought a few things for me,
then I decided to buy some Christmas presents,
and then a few more presents,
and a couple of more things for me.
Oh, my poor pocketbook!
But I had great fun.
My sister helped me unpack it all when I got home
(because I couldn't remember what was in what package)
and then wrap them up again,
with the recipient's name on the package.
I have never been able to belong to the school of
Just Buy One Nice Thing.
I am actually happier with lots of small little things.
This is why I did not buy a handmade linen tablecloth,
but instead opted for five papier mache masks
(they all survived the suitcase trip just fine--
though the suitcase broke a wheel!)

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