Friday, October 1, 2010

Tuna Report

I used to like tuna. In theory I still do, but I made the mistake of buying a case of generic cheap tuna from the grocery store that I ended up contributing for cat food to the stray haunting my parents' house. Then I couldn't remember what kind of tuna I actually liked. So I decided on a little test.
I went to the local grocery store and bought a can of each brand and variety that I could find. Was my ideal tuna white albacore, or chunk light? Did I like water or oil pack? Did size of fragments matter?
I took the tuna home and enlisted my mom as Secondary Tester, and we opened all of the cans and hovered over each of them with a fork. We sampled them straight (no mayo).

Results of the tuna test:
Star Kist chunk light in oil: the most moist, and dark. Flavor 'tangy' and less salty than the others. Our sample had large chunks.
Star Kist solid white albacore in water: dry. It had the biggest pieces, but was 'sawdusty'.
Chicken of the Sea chunk light in water: the saltiest. Moderately large chunks, moderately moist.
Bumble Bee chunk light in water: small fragments. Decent flavor but sawdusty.
Bumble Bee chunk light in oil: also small fragments. A bit moister but still drier than the other brands.
Bumble Bee albacore white in water: this was our least favorite. It was the most dry of all and had the least flavor, and it was fragmented into small bits.

Bottom line: I prefer chunk light in oil. Any of the brands would do for flavor, but the Star Kist was definitely less "sawdust" than the others. Size of fragment is not a big deal for me (I'm going to puree it up with mayonnaise and put it on bread, after all). The key is moistness- I hate dry tuna.

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