Friday, October 29, 2010

Local Specialties 1

Here in Siena there is terrific Tuscan food
(of which I have already had some!)
and then some local specialties.
The top photo is of ricciarelli,
which is crispy just on the outside and covered with powdered sugar
but then soft on the inside like marzipan
(and indeed almonds are a principal ingredient).
It is also lightly flavored with citron
and I'm not sure what else, but they are DIVINE.
Already I am addicted!

The bottom photo is a chestnut cake.
I have already forgotten the Italian name of it,
but it is made of ground chestnut flour
and decorated with raisins, rosemary sprigs and pine nuts.
It is more savory than sweet,
though if you think of a semi-chewy thick fruit leather
you will have the texture down pretty well.
I had this at a restaurant today
(along with pasta and bruschetta to die for!)

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