Saturday, October 30, 2010


So, why were we in the countryside?
We went to visit Pienza,
a charming little town that was the birthplace of Pope Pius II,
and thus redesigned by him in the mid 15th century
to have an ideal Renaissance city layout.
Behind me is the spire of the converted Gothic church.
But there's another reason to go to Pienza.
Pienza is the birthplace also of Peccorino.
And there are a lot of cheese shops there.

A lot of them were giving samples, too!
I bought some at this very charming shop above,
a fresh peccorino flavored with truffle bits.
It was amazing.
(In fact it was so amazing I bought a loaf of bread
and some apples and just had that for dinner.
Especially after a big lunch out.)


Birrd said...

I'd say you had very good reasons to go to Pienza. Please eat lots of cheese for me!

Emily said...

OOOOH!!!! fabulous!!!! "Cheese, cheese, the robot says cheese..."

Thanks for posting the shops pix, those are my FAVORITE! :)