Friday, October 15, 2010

Chipmunks Amok

The groom is the second oldest of 7 children,
and the bride the youngest of 11 children.
So there were a LOT of relatives waiting at the temple doors
(and these are just the ones who could come.)
Many of these were, as you can see, young children.
Now, I no longer feel about young children as I used to
(in my teens I found them about as charming as tarantulas)
but speaking as a photographer,
they are very hard to gather for group photos.
You can see one of the flower girls wanted her mom
and just would not be persuaded to pose.
They also tended to forget that we were on the temple grounds,
and would climb and slide and play around a lot,
and the adults were often too distracted or busy to stop them.
It is hard to wrangle a group that large,
but I did get one good photo with ALMOST everybody's face showing.

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