Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh the frustration

I have a pair of jeans that I bought in a second hand store.
I generally hate buying/ wearing jeans, especially now that they are all these low-rise skinny-leg part-of-the-conspiracy-to-make-women-hate-their-natural-figures type clothes.
But THESE jeans, oh my, they fit perfectly, they even make me look pretty good.
The label is very worn, so worn I can't read the size (another reason I love them, right?) but they are Route 66 brand.
My pair are practically falling to pieces and Mom swears she won't patch them any more (she said that the last 3 times she patched them, but really, they are getting beyond wearable). So I went online to google and typed in Route 66 women's plus size jeans, expecting that I would find them rather quickly.
Instead I have wasted 2 hours of beautiful October sunshine stuck here on the computer, and on the phone, trying to find a store that still sells them.
I have found lots of rave reviews from other plus size women who love these jeans, but I can't find anywhere that actually sells them still. I even called up several stores and asked, but no, I can't find them. And the brand Route 66 apparently does not have a home web site. (I've found lots of stores of that name, but not the brand.)
Why does finding decent clothes in this day and age have to be so darn hard???

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Laney said...

They come from K-Mart :) You can buy them online at if you don't have a K-Mart near you.