Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Short Trip to Goblin Valley

On Tuesday Aug 28, there was a full moon scheduled.
I have been longing to try some full moon night pictures, so I decided to go down to Goblin Valley.
I invited Jesse and Susannah Staples to come with me.
They were great company!
We got there in time for great evening light, which made me very happy, as I have wanted to do that for years, too.
I have tons of great goblin pictures. Below are just a few.

This was Susannah's first visit to Goblin Valley (in fact, to southern Utah.)

The sky was full of clouds and the strong golden sunlight was sometimes softened, or even blocked, by them.
But they added beautiful texture to the sky.

We walked out to the Grand Council circle (above) and photographed until the light faded.
Then we headed back to camp and made dinner, and when the moon had risen and it was well up we went out again. It was magically beautiful, walking among the goblins in the moonlight. All the pictures I took were long exposures and I took them with conventional black and white film. Hopefully they will turn out well. If they do, I will scan some and post them on my blog later.

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