Tuesday, August 7, 2007

New Horizons in Culinary Adventures

Tuesday, my last full day in Strasbourg, I went out for lunch with Sabine.
We went to the Maison Kammerzell (the terracotta half timber house in the photo below.)
It is a gorgeous restored 16th century Alsatian house.

The dining room interior is really nice; a great atmosphere.

I had the house specialty: fish choucroutte.

I have tried choucroutte before (it is the Alsatian variety of sauerkraut, a bit more mild.) I did not like my earlier experience with it: it was full of whole cloves, which I kept biting down on (yuck). This, however, was really scrumptious. It was served with 3 types of fish: salmon, a white fish and a heavily salted fish that I did not like so well (and alas, made me horribly thirsty all afternoon at the archives.) But it was a delicious meal!


Sarah said...

oogh-- the fish sounds dreadful to me. Then again, I've found with French cooking that usually something looks and sounds awful but tastes incredible.

Love the restaurant! Great building!

Dr. Croc said...

You'd be amazed at how flavorful, tender and absolutely delicious the fish and choucroutte were together.