Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ah, Utah!

Monday morning, very early, we hiked Timpooneke Trail.
It was gorgeous to watch the light come up on the mountains.

Our group stopped at the Shelf (2 miles up) to take a breather and decide who was going on, who was staying.
Left to right: Joe, Hyrum (standing) with Edward in backpack, Ethan, Benjamin, Caleb, Charles in front, Kathleen, Thomas, Jesse, Julie (Jesse's friend) and Alison (Julie's sister.)

I elected not to try to make the summit this year, and to stay with Kathleen and our Junior Hikers.
I especially love this photo of the kids:

One last view of the Shelf.
I think Mt. Timpanogos is the most beautiful mountain anywhere!

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Sarah said...

About Timp being the most beautiful mountain: you got that right!