Sunday, August 5, 2007

Original Art

So, I went to Augsburg over the weekend at the invitation of my friend Sabine Bengel, and her boyfriend Simon (more pictures of Augsburg later.)
Simon's parents also live in Augsburg, and his father, Max Kaminski, is a well known contemporary artist.
I had met the Kaminskis a few years ago when I was visiting Sabine, and they had been very nice to me.
This visit, we all went out to dinner together at a traditional Bavarian beer garden (sorry, no pictures) and they were of course intrigued/ appalled by the fact that I don't drink. They bought me apfelschoerle instead (apple juice mixed with fizzy water.)
Mr. Kaminski asked me if I would like a copy of one of his exhibition catalogues, and I said yes, I would be delighted to have one.
So he brought it over the next day, and this is what he put inside it:

It's an original painting-- autographed for me!
I am very honored; it's a real treasure to have.
Below is Mr. Kaminski on the balcony, with a glass of white wine (I am drinking apfelschoerle.)
He looks rather somber in this photo, but he's more animated in person.

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