Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wildflower List

Little yellow flowers blooming on bushes
are almost as hard to identify as basic little yellow flowers,
but the above photo is cliffrose (purshia mexicana)
and the photo below is, I think, oregon-grape (mahonia).
Whatever it was, it smelled marvelous.

Then there was the false begonia or winged dock
(rumex venosus)- it isn't really a begonia relative-
surrounded by more spectacle pod (above).
Below, this one gave me some trouble.
I could tell right away it was some kind of milkvetch
(which made me proud-- I have been learning!)
but I couldn't tell what kind at first.
I think it is probably Canada milkvetch (astralagus canadensis) because the flowers turn down slightly and my Audubon guide notes that as a characteristic.

Total list of wildflowers I saw and photographed (successfully)
on this trip:
arrowleaf balsamroot (balsamorhiza sagittata)
Canada milkvetch (astralagus canadensis)
claret cup cactus (echinocereus triglochidiatus)
cliffrose (purshia mexicana)
desert ? globemallow (sphaeralcea)
desert paintbrush (castilleja chromosa)
desert penstemmon (penstemon pseudospectabilis)
desert primrose (oenothera- deltoides?)
milkweed (asclepias)
oregon-grape (mahonia)
penstemon, other variety (penstemon)
cushion phlox (phlox pulvinata)
Stansbury phlox (phlox stansburyi)
spectacle pod (dimophorcarpa wislenzii)
winged dock (rumex venosus)
yellow mariposa lily (calochortus luteus)

There were others I saw but did not stop to hunt up to photograph, or else my photos did not turn out- some variety of roadside lupines, some kind of desert poppy, and others to which I was no doubt oblivious.
However, this is not a bad beginning for an amateur flower detective!

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