Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Culture Vulture in the Red Rocks

Of course, since this was a Day Off,
I had to stop to see the local historic sites
(as well as scenic views).
So, I went to the Anasazi State Park Museum in Boulder.
The museum is nicely done, exhibits well labeled,
and they have an interesting house/storage complex
reproduced outside (above),
which I had fun poking about in until I banged my head
on the low lintel.
And I am only 5'2".
I don't see why the Anasazi, if they were really about 5'4"
(as the museum exhibits claimed),
didn't make their doorways a tad bit higher.
Aside from a bit of a whump, no damage done.

A bit less perilous, back at Capitol Reef in the Fruita area,
are the late 19th century Mormon pioneer exhibits,
like this blacksmith shop-turned tractor-shed.
It's fenced off so you can only see inside,
not explore
(but I guess it prevents unwary visitors from whacking themselves
on a horseshoe-adorned ceiling beam).

And just a bit down the road in one of the historic Mormon homesteads some enterprising person was selling freshly baked miniature pies.
Strawberry rhubarb! Yum!

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