Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The ubiquitous little yellow flower

One of the troubles with being an amateur wildflower detective
(the kind of person that has to keep looking up the word 'raceme' because it just doesn't stick naturally in her vocabulary) is
The Ubiquitous Little Yellow Flower.
Half of the wildflowers I run into are Little Yellow Flowers.
There's a LOT of them.
And even narrowing it down by 'Little Yellow Flower in the desert" doesn't help much.
Take these, for example.
They were growing up on a bank above the Strike Valley road and I didn't want to clamber up there and stomp my feet all over the delicate desert soil, but I could have tried harder to zoom in on them, because the view I took just isn't very precise to help me with petal design or the stamens inside the petals or even a very good look at the leaves.
The best I could decide, after looking at all of the Little Yellow Flowers in my Audubon guide, is that this probably is some kind of poppy variant.

(Ps: a "raceme" is long spike of flowers, like a penstemon.
I just looked it up.

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Birrd said...

There were lots of ubiquitous yellow flowers on the side of the highway driving through Oklahoma the other day.

Enjoyed your flower posts!