Sunday, May 9, 2010


One of the perks of being an aunt is to dote on one's nieces and nephews.
This particular niece, the Rabbit,
looks exactly like her mother did 29 years ago--
minus the binkie in her mouth.
She is a most determined little soul and will NOT give up her binkie.
I sat with them all in church today and the Rabbit sat on my lap,
for most of the service, as good as gold.
Then we all went over to my brother's house for lunch,
and the Rabbit discovered that she loves olives:

Later, as we gathered in the living room to sing hymns together,
with my eldest nephew playing the piano,
the Rabbit decided to add some treble accompaniment:

This picture of the Rabbit and her mother is also a favorite for expression
(don't know why it's a bit overexposed, though.)
The Rabbit is not a bit camera shy.
She smiles widely and happily whenever I bring the camera out.

I am grateful for such a jolly Sunday!

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